Rely on a tile cleaning expert in Asheville, NC

If your white grout has turned into a dark yellow stain, you need a grout and tile cleaning professional. City Steam in Asheville, NC provides residential and commercial tile floor cleaning services. We'll deep clean your tile to remove any stains and restore its appearance.

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3 reasons why you need a pro to clean your grout and tile

It may be tempting to look up a DIY grout cleaning solution, but hiring a professional is always the best way to go. An expert knows how to:

  1. Prevent any damage to your tiles or grout
  2. Remove stains and discoloration effectively
  3. Remove all dirt and grime from the grooves in your grout
We have the right tools to handle your cleaning project. We'll make sure your grout and tile look like new. If you need tile cleaning or grout cleaning services, call us today.