Let our deep carpet cleaning pros take care of your carpets

Years of dirt, grime and wear and tear can make a pristine carpet unrecognizable. You need an expert to make your carpets look like new. With over 15 years of experience, City Steam in Asheville, NC has the deep carpet cleaning team you need.

Call 828-676-9100 now to schedule your carpet cleaning and stain removal services.

How we ensure a deep clean

When you need to remove years of dirt and grime, we've got you covered. We use a variety of methods to target every kind of pollutant. Our deep carpet cleaning services include:

  • Stain removal-we'll target trouble areas and remove any old stains
  • Steam cleaning-we'll use steam to remove contaminants from your carpet
  • Scrub extraction-we'll use a powerful detergent to lift ingrained dirt and grime
We also offer carpet sanitization services. After we've removed all the pollutants and stains from your carpet, we'll make sure it's free of bacteria and germs. Email us today if it's time to deep clean your carpets.